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The sixth rant… a word about swag.

July 6, 2012

Well of course you know I’m not keeping it to a word.  I have said it before , I will say it again, swag is for kids!!!. So to all of you taking crappy items and leaving things like pens or business cards or, single game playing pieces, you seriously need to get a grip. I have heard of, and seen a lot of really crappy swag, here’s just a list of a few things; Marlborough cigarettes, ( sorry the kids around here only smoke Winstons) . a lollypop stuck to the bottom of an ammo can. ( well we’ll probably need something to get the taste out of our mouths after the ciggys thanks),  a condom, (cause you just never know when your going to need one of those)  cat treats, ( cause as everybody knows cachers always take their cat when they go caching),  single game playing pieces such as one lincoln log, or one majonng tile, or one poker chip, (ooh I’ll bet we could get a good game going after we cache).  A business card (sure if I happen to need a heating and cooling guy you’ll be the first one I call) .If you cant be bothered to leave something that a kid might actually take. don’t bother. I recall finding a little plastic clock once in an ammo can , on closer inspection it was one of those things that teach children to tell time.  Gimme a break here!  What kid is going to want that?  I told my caching partner to dig a little deeper into the cache box because I’m sure there got to be a math quiz or a spelling bee in there somewhere to go with it.. I think most cachers probably have some sort of bag or backback with them when they go out. ,Hit the dollar store people!  Would it kill you to actually buy new things to leave?  So your kid is done with that old dirty, stinky G.I. joe that’s missing a leg… I know!  “lets not throw it out… let’s dump in somebody’s cache box” Swag is for the kids, let’s keep it kid friendly.

  1. I have from time to time removed the broken, moldy, inappropriate swag from caches. My modus operandi for the last couple of years is to leave personalized geoswag. Personalized tagged items are starting to become more popular in my area. Have a look at my geoswag blog for photos of what I make and what I’ve found.

  2. Kathleen sharpe permalink

    My pet peeves regarding swag is anything with a scent ie candles, food items (although I enjoyed a fresh chocolate bar for a FTF prize after I canoed a mile out to an island to get it), matches, and my personal favorite…wait for it… Utility Knives… Hello???? who would put something that sharp into a box and not expect a child to dive in head first to check out the swag?

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