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The fifth rant…TFTC. (again)

July 6, 2012

Let me start by saying, no one introduced me to this sport.  I discovered it on my own, I recall seeing it on the news about 2004 and many years later I decided to look it up, to see what it was all about. I carefully poured over all the info the web site had to offer before reading any cache pages or logs.  I can remember, it said something about your log  should contain your experience in finding the cache.” ok, no probs” I said to myself, and out the door I went to find my first. From that day forward I tried my best to leave every cache owner a bit of our experience in my found logs for every find. Granted this is not always easy…  there are caches I have been seriously injured trying to find,. …there are caches I found in really crappy sub zero temperatures with hurricanes and hailstones,… there are caches I have spent way to much time to find, only to be emptying it of water once found.  But yes indeed, I have always left more for the owner than TFTC.  I really feel cachers who can not be bothered to leave more than 4 strokes of the keyboard on a log page are lazy , I mean ,  really?  why bother?  If you really believe “It’s not about the numbers”  Then why do waste more of your time you seem to have so very little of ?  I think these cachers are missing out on the experience itself. How are you ever going to remember which cache was which when you look back at your profile , as the game grows the numbers grow ,  I can look back at my logs and remember the experience  of each one because each log entry was unique, not a pre fab cut and paste of the last one I did. So for all of those people who cant be bothered to type out a few words for the cache owner, think about how you would feel if you asked the doctor who was operating on your loved one,  how the surgery went and he answered “TFTF.”

  1. Started caching in 2002. Went from GPS & paper to GPS & PDA to GPS & Cachesense (blackberry app) to GPS & GC app on my iPhone. Use to use a paper logbook to record my impressions of each box, then I used the Note field on Cachesense, now I use either the note field or log directly from my iPhone. Never once have I used TFTC. I vow never to do so. Have you watched teens text?….they never seem to complain about cell phones being to difficult to write anything with. It’s a very poor excuse when cachers blame their cell phones for their TFTC-only logs.

    Personally I blame microcaches and micrologs. They encouraged people not to write anything in the paper logs. Soon micrologs replaced notebook logs in regular size caches. Eventually everyone started leaving only their trailnames and dates in paper logs. Then that practice filtered into online logs and people started making little effort to write something meaningful.

    I also blame the advent of power trails — when geocaching became about getting 100s of caches in a day then TFTC and copy&paste became the easiest way to record a lot of caches in the shortest period of time. The smiley, not the experience, became the most important reason to cache for many people.

  2. Kathleen sharpe permalink

    I have been guilty of that. Cut and paste is acceptable when you have a fair amount of caches to log. I do try to put a more personal note at the end of of each cut and paste. Something about the cache itself if possible. When something strikes me about the cache I just add one or two words on my GPSr field notes… It usually rings a bell when I go to do the online logs. When I do something substantial like a 10 k hike to the cache then they usually get a very large online log

  3. Ken Brown permalink

    Reckon you should always make an effort to write something original…by way of thanks (if for no other reason) for the person taking the trouble to hide the thing in the first place. I have noticed very experienced caches logging…”thanks,easy find”. It’s hard to say whether the hider would be grateful for, or insulted by, that remark. I know I would be fairly hacked off if I’d spent hours trying to make it tricky to find and someone posted that log.

  4. My current pet-hate is the auto-log some people must be using from an app — “that’s another find for me! Thanks so much for this geocache!” ….all well and good, until there are dozens on cache log pages and/or the cacher has only found one (doesn’t even make sense to say “another” if it’s your first!)….meanwhile, TFYB (thanks for your blog, lol) – I am really enjoying your rants 🙂

  5. Cappy permalink

    I’ve often left TFTC at the end of my logs, but I’ve never used it exclusively. I hate logging on a phone because I’m chatty in my logs, and the phone touch screen limits that for me (I’m a teen, but hate phones). I usually manually input coordinates and log the cache as found when I get home.

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