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The seventh rant…pick and choose your caches.

July 6, 2012

Now, I’m not going to go on about crappy placement of caches  (there’s a ton of those) that’s really not the point of this article. The point is to pick and choose what you go and find. Set rules for yourself,  don’t go after every crummy nano on a street corner, don’t go after every micro in an urban center.  I believe it’s only a matter of time before the game gets to be a nuisance to the public, and it gets banned altogether.  People need to use their brains here, perhaps doing a micro on a street corner during a parade may not be the best idea. Going after one that’s placed across the street from the local law enforcement office may not be a wise idea either. We foster the idea that these caches are a good  idea by just going to find them.

Now there is always going to bad hides out there the cache reviewers can not possibly know exactly where it was put, but it’s up to us as cachers to read the damn log page, check it out on google earth, before heading out to find.  You have the power to save the game from  getting banned, Yes, in the age of overly paranoid security we need to make rules for ourselves. Don’t be part of the problem,  Don’t do those caches that are extremely public and arouse suspicion. And yes I know some of you are saying if you don’t like where it’s placed why don’t you tell the local reviewers? Good question… Because they will allow it to stand anyway ( they don’t seem to think that putting one in a high traffic area arouses the public’s suspicions apparently)

What I am saying is don’t encourage these type of hides by going to find them. At least next time you read “Geocache Bomb scare again!” You will  know it wasn’t you,  but there is always going to be some other idiot who naively  thought no one was watching (really, on an urban street corner surrounded by high rises, in broad daylight, you’re sure no one was watching?).  gimme a break. Actions speak louder than words,  Check out every listing you can as much as you can before heading out to cache.  If you arrive at the location and  if it  turns out to be a risky urban hide, don’t do it, yep, you heard me, just don’t do it.

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