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The Bitchy Cacher Travel Bug Rant.

February 22, 2016

Winter is here, and Geocaching all over the land has slowed down to a
frozen icy crawl. Even the most die hard geocachers are home licking their
frostbitten wounds, loading up the GPS, dreaming of better days ahead.

My caching habits changed from “whenever I could” to “screw this, wait
for a better day.”  While taking a winter hiatus from our sport, the lazy days and nights of no caching came to an abrupt end when I received  a (slightly rude)
note from another geocacher concerning  their travel bug.

It would seem that I had been holding a travel bug far longer than “her most
royal majesty” would have liked. So I made a conscious effort to get the little
guy into another cache without further delay. I never corresponded back with
the complainer , just dropped it, and moved on with my normal winter time
sloth like life.

Apparently, just dropping it off wasn’t  good enough for “The Queen of
geocaching” as she contacted me again concerning the placement. “Why would
you put it in a difficult puzzle cache very few people have found?” she asked.
Once again she got no response from me. I have better things to do than debate
my choice of geocaches with her.

Like many coincidences in life it got me thinking… Why would anyone bother
to nag another geocacher concerning a 10 dollar trinket? It’s not like they
didn’t know what part of the world I was in, I am pretty sure they “creeped” my
profile on So what was the deal here? Did the attached plastic toy
contain the ashes of her dead husband whose dying wish was to have it travel the world? Was it made from diamonds? Was it in a million dollar prize race?
Did it cost a small fortune to buy it? No? Then what was the purpose for
provoking me to moving it on to a cache that meets with “her majesty’s”


So allow me to respond to “her majesty’s” correspondence in the only
way I know how (he, he).

“Dear Queen;
Suck it up, or become fodder for my blog. Oh, I see…, you have already
made your choice…”

Now, not to pick on “The Queen” too much here, as most of my readers can
attest to, everyone can relate to their own run ins with other “queen like”
cachers. But seriously, give a cacher a break here…it’s freezing outside!

I will never figure out why it is that some cachers become overly attached and
impatient about the travel tags and coins they own. Did they not realise
when they released it, that was going to be moved around by other players they
do not know personally? Did you think that YOUR bug was magical or special in
some way? Did you really think it did not have any chance of going missing
someday? Get real… There are only a few rare certainties in life, and one of
them is reality check # 1, “S#$% happens.”

So for all those cachers who can’t seem to stop obsessing over their little
aluminum tags worth 23 cents a piece, allow me to leave you with a few
guidelines for future ownership…

First off, What the $%^k did you release it for? You obviously care
whether or not it lives or dies, so why did you not just keep it when you had
the chance? Next time, do not release it. This is the only way to be
completely assured it never gets lost.
(Is it just me, or is this too obvious?)

Secondly, do not name it, or theme it with something too heartbreaking or
personal. The general public does not need to feel as though they ran over
your dog, or killed your Grandma if they accidentally lose a coin on a hike.
Awareness coins are fine, just don’t tell us some sob story in honor of a
fallen comrade and then make us feel like we pissed on a grave, when it goes
missing from one of our caches.

Thirdly, if you suffer from obsessive compulsive TB disorder, you may not be
in the right sport here. You do grasp the concept that you are dealing with
total strangers here, right? So when your bug doesn’t move immediately after
having been picked up try to have some patience, it is nothing to get your
royal knickers in a knot about.

Now, if you all will excuse me, I have a travel bug to retrieve, and a D5 T5 cache to find….
Carry on Cachin…



  1. Infoferret permalink

    Or you could always leave it in that crapilly (should be a word, even if it isn’t) placed cache which fits her brief even if if is sure to get muggled within 5 minutes….

  2. Dawnerst permalink

    I’m new to geocaching and have yet to set loose a trackable or travel bug… I’m so glad to have read your post. It was quite entertaining but also set me straight on what to expect if I ever do set one loose.

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