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A Bitchy Cacher Retrospective…Muggles, Haters, and Cops, Oh my.

April 23, 2015

After a short hiatus from caching I am back at it full tilt. In my little corner of the world winter was extremely brutal and only the most die hards went out caching. My find count was down to one a month and that was fine with me and mine, “better days ahead” we always say. My blog however never slowed down, with better view counts than I have ever seen before. Caching as it would seem, is no longer the super secret society thing it was when we all started out years ago. Today we are going to run down all the changes in our sport, and ask the question; “Is this a good thing or no?”

Remember the good ol’ days when you actually needed a GPS to find a geocache? No more, now any idiot with a smartphone can do it. So it might take them a little longer for them find one, and when these players hide one it is almost never waterproof and the co-ords are almost always off by a mile. Never mind that it is usually these “fly-by-night” types that are responsible for crappy geo-junk all over town. There is a good chance they will give up on it after a short time and there will be other idiots to take their place, (and their crappy hiding spots)

Remember when you had to pay Groundspeak to do paperless caching? No more, now any idiot with a smartphone app can do this. Notice how log entries have gone from a nice written paragraph from a cacher you are familar with, to now it is a “TFTC” tapped from a smartphone from someone with 4 finds you,ve never heard of before? I would almost relish a snide remark from the local “Mr. Know-it-all” in my area rather than just have an acronym or a quick “found it!” log from the generation of texters now joining our sport.

Remember when the muggles were something you avoided like the plague? Now because of the increasing popularity in our sport it’s not such a secret thing anymore. I have had muggles walk right up to me while caching, to tell me where the cache is hidden. I must say it’s not that I don’t appreciate their help, it is that I didn’t ask for it. The “cloak and dagger” aspect of this game was always part of the fun, and now sadly, that’s gone too.

Remember when a geocaching hater was just some troll on the internet? Not anymore, the “anti-geocachers” of this world have become more organized and have actual followers now. I have been trolled by these people before, and almost daily someone looking for a “I hate geocachers” page finds my blog and leaves a comment (comment was blocked by me of course). If they think I am going to help them spread their hatred they are out of their @#$%ing mind. I am never going to comment on an anti caching website so stop asking, and if they think I’m on their side, then they haven’t read my whole blog have they?

Remember when you had to explain yourself to the cops and produce I.D. to them? Not anymore, the police are now educated on our sport, and in one case I heard of on Facebook if they’re called out to a geo location they will actually help you look for it instead of arresting you for suspicious behavior. Too bad, I must say I really enjoyed the frisking “pat down” from the cop who reminded me of Patrick Swayze. No more cheap feels, (sigh) and when the bomb squad shows up they now bring a GPS and steal our swag instead of blowing it up.

Is our sport growing faster than we can keep up with it? Probably, but the temporary phone cachers will come and go. The muggles will learn to leave us alone. The haters will keep hating, and the cops will keep frisking (thank the gods) and the urban geo junk will continue. May I take this opportunity to remind readers to report risky hides to the authorities, and not to leave find logs on caches not worthy of one. The game will change whether we want it to or not, it is how we respond to it that will determine the future of geocaching.

Carry on caching,

  1. Infoferret permalink

    At least you’ve got one of your wishes – a freeze on new impossible challenges…..& you must have better looking cops than we do round here!

  2. Thank you for writing this. Your experience and observations are similar to mine (minus the Patrick Swayze cop pat down). You end your post with a thought provoking statement, one I’ve been wondering too….’The game will change whether we want it to or not, it is how we respond to it that will determine the future of geocaching.’

    I’ve been thinking about the change, especially in the last 5 years and how (if possible) we can take back the pastime. But haven’t come up with an answer.

    It’s become especially frustrating the last 3 years. It’s difficult to weed out the junk from the quality caches. Favorite points use to help, but not anymore. It’s amazing how many people love guideline breakers, and same-old-same-old copy-cat micros (many listed as small caches). There are too many caches with high favorite points that got those points years ago, but now are abandoned junk caches (example, a cuckoo clock that has half rotted away).

    It’s too bad the numbers crowd has taken over the game and Groundspeak sanctions it. It might be good for the coffers now, but may be their undoing in the next couple of years.

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