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The Latest Rant…I Archived a Cache…, So Kill Me…

May 21, 2014

Not so long ago, I received notice from cachers that a cache of mine was now sharing a hiding spot with the local wildlife.  Without a second thought, I dashed out the door to retrieve my container.  My intent was to remove the cache and archive the listing, I  would never want it to be my fault some poor critter has come to harm or been harassed by cachers as a result of my hobby.  The retrieval was successful, the box did not have any chew marks on it, and looked none the worse for wear.  It had been a popular cache, several players having a watch on it, and after 2 years and almost 200 finders, it was time to give it up, and go on to a new hide.  You would have thought after the archival, the story was over, but no, it was just about to begin….

I quickly got the feeling the locals did not want it to go, as it turned out I was going to have to defend my decision to several different local cachers.   My responses were always quick and polite to each player who inquired, but now it’s time to answer them “Bitchy Cacher” style, just because  isn’t that what everyone really wants me to do?

First Comment on cache page… “This one has been on my ‘to-do list’ for a while, do you mind if I still log it as a find?  My response;  “You have only had 2 @#$%^ years to find it !! But of course you may log a find  seeing how you are not just some dumb @#$% off the internet. Go ahead, I put my trash to the corner every Tuesday night. You will find the log book in my trash can next to the freezer burnt ice cream and Sunday nights mashed potatoes.”

Next comment came from the local Mr. “know-it-all” In my area.  “Too bad, I liked taking newbies to find it,  Couldn’t you  have just moved the cache without archiving it?”   My response  ” The idea was to stop cachers altogether from coming into the area…, wait… you mean to tell me you have been going there and finding it over and over again?!!! For @#$% sakes!! Get another hobby!!!  Moving it was never an option, the eco friendly answer was stop any people from coming to the habitat area and harassing the local fauna. My choice, get over it.”

And of course there is always one or two players who didn’t get the memo…. Cache DNF log entry;…”Looked high and low, we’ll be back!!”  My response: ”  Er, um…when the name of the cache has a big red line through it, it means it has been archived….actually, never mind… go ahead and take a smiley for your stupidity. I’ll be sure to top up the swag on my next maintenance run .  Good luck, I’m sure you’ll find it next time.”

Last but not least, I get this as a personal note from what obviously is a young cacher;  “Bummer, dude, can I have your spot?”  My response; “Oh how incredibly excellent ! Sweet! Would also make a bodacious spot to smoke a bong, enjoy!!  Keep the @#$% away moron, it was archived for a reason.”

It would seem archiving a cache for ecological reasons simply is not enough for some players. Some, as  it would seem need clarification, allow me to be clear here… because I @#$%&* wanted to.

Carry on caching folks,





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