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The Bitchy Cacher…. Proud to have the Bitchiest Readers Ever!!

April 17, 2014

Lately readers have been leaving a lot of off topic crap as comments on my rants.  It is quite obvious some of my readers have a lot more to bitch about than I do.   (I am so proud)   In today’s rant, I am going to run down some of the common and reoccurring ones.

1. Wrong size of cache listed.

So why do players let themselves be bothered by this?  Did you have a travel bug that wouldn’t fit?  Are your fingers so fat they couldn’t get the log out of the pill bottle?  Were you expecting fabulous valuable swag?  A cache is a cache, you find, you sign the log , you leave.  The complaint that your travel bug wasn’t going to fit in the bison tube probably could have been avoided if you had looked at the other cache logs and pictures left by previous finders of the cache.  If more players would just take the attitude “Ok, I’ll just go find another one to put my TB in”  this would not even be a complaint.  Listings on caches are not perfect, neither are players in the game, if you are just bitching to prove your right and they are wrong you probably need a new hobby where all users in the game are completely perfect humans. (Lotsa luck to you, you are going to need it)

2. Late first to find logging.

I have blogged about this before, players who have this as a complaint seriously need to stop trying for them.  What if the person who found it before you was there only 10 minutes before you arrived? Do you have the right to tell them it was your FTF  because they didn’t let you know on the spot they found it first.  You tried,  you failed, too bad, for the most part we are not children here.  The attitude “I’ll get the next one” would be a more positive one and save you from sounding off on someone who simply couldn’t be bothered to log it before heading off to get back to real life. It sounds to me like some of the people who do this kind of bitching only care to get the cache  ” IF”  they are FTF on it,  just finding one apparently is not satisfying enough. Get over it, many caches are found by the CO’s friends first and there is not much anyone can do about that. Calling players out on forums and cache pages just makes you look like a psycho, save it for your therapists office.

3. Manners…, not saying  “Thank you.”

Welcome to the “Me” generation people!!!  This always has been a long standing problem in society as a whole, not just  in geocaching.  I don’t understand how we could have lost manners (they have only been around for centuries) but for the most part if you don’t expect them you won’t be disappointed when they don’t happen.  Someone gave an example to me of a cache finder leaving a new logbook and zippy bag in place of an old moldy one (basically doing their maintenance for them) and then being pissed they got no “thank you” from them.  Although it would have been nice, I think your main source of your disappointment here was your expectation of it.  No expectations…no disappointments, it is just that simple. You can not expect other players to play and think like you do, they are not you, and you are not a superior being for pointing it out either.

4. Throwdowns.

Leaving another cache in place of one you think is missing should be against the rules.  I know most players in the game who do this think they are doing everyone a favor here, but you are not.  No one has asked you to do this, perhaps the cache is not missing and just wandered off a few yards, if a  CO can not do their own maintenance, it should not be done for them.  If the cache area is significant in some way and cachers are trying to keep it alive so others can find it the area would be better served by hitting “Needs Archived” and waiting for the area to open up again to place a new one.  I find it a little confusing when I find 2 caches (or logbooks) at a location where only one should be. If anyone was to do this to one of my caches,  I will use my manners and say “Thanks for the new container, I will be sure to do this for you one day, if I can’t find yours within 2 minutes”

5. Bad locations.

Now why is this even an issue here? if you go to a restaurant and the floor is dirty,  the staff smell of B.O., and there are bugs on the floor do you stay? of course not . So, if you get to a cache location and you have  a pungent small of garbage and a few animals carcasses to move to log the cache it is very simple… Don’t find the cache!!!  Walk away.   I have blogged about this before, we foster the idea that it is a log worthy cache and location by just logging it online.  The only log entry needed here is a DNF with a comment as to why you will never be finding it ever.   The Bitchy Cacher never leaves a log entry for any cache not worthy of one.  I know this varies by opinion , but if I have to get smelly to find it, other cachers should be given a heads up .


Now I know there are a lot more pet peeves of geocachers to be listed than I have time for here, these are just a few but quite a few complaints can be just solved by doing some research before heading out to find.  Look at the previous find logs, check out the pictures, find the co-ords on a map first, check out how many favorite points a cache has.  I have talked about putting the onus on others for your happiness.  Don’t…,  it is that simple.., one of the reasons I stated I never found a cache not worthy of a log entry on my last vacation is because I only did ones with several favorite points.  Stop going out to find any piece of crap players will throw just anywhere, and I’m sure a lot fewer of them will be getting placed.

Carry on caching folks!


  1. Can you come to my area and cache? would love the feedback…lol

  2. Infoferret permalink

    I would also add: The CO sending an e-mail comment to any cacher that dares to log a “Needs maintenance” log on one of their caches, asking why you hadn’t fixed it whilst you were there. (This happend to me recently, after a caching trip out of my usual area).

    Yes I will replace a mushy log book if I have a spare on me, but its not my role in life to go out prepared to maintain every cache I may encounter. If you can’t maintain your caches, seek out someone else in the area who would be prepared to take them over from you.

    Here endeth the Bitchyness (for today at least)!

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