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Dear Bitchy Cacher;…A Rant from a Reader.

January 7, 2014

My apologies for taking so long to get back to this reader with an answer.

Dear Bitchy;
I have been geocaching now for about a year and a half, I finally decided it was time that I went to an
event cache to meet the locals. The event was held at a local restaurant over breakfast. Upon arrival
at the restaurant, I shook a few hands and found a seat at the end of the table. The waitress was
polite, cheery and very good considering we were such a large party. The event went well, I even won a
door prize just for attending. The problem is; at the end of the meal when the bills were being
presented, I could overhear some of the other cachers finding really shallow and trite reasons not to
tip the waitress. I sat around after most of the other cachers had left, just finishing my last sips of
coffee. I was able to see a few of the cheques with cash left on top, I noticed hardly anyone had
tipped, or if they had it was only the end of the change. So, feeling badly for the waitress I gave her
a compliment on her service, and told her I noticed the crappy tips left behind by the others. She
responded by saying “It’s o.k., we kinda expect this from them, they hardly ever tip, myself and the
other waitresses consider them a write off and take turns waiting on them when they come in so no one
has to get shafted from them more than once.” I stood up from the table to leave, but grabbed another
ten dollar bill from my pocketbook and placed it on top of what I had already left. “Have a good day!”
I told her on the way out and headed for my car. My intentions were do find a few caches on the way
home that morning, but somehow the whole experience at breakfast had left me a little soured. My
problem is; there is a breakfast meeting every month. I am recieving e-mails from other cachers asking
me if I am going, and rather than join the “cheap asses” again I SO just want to tell them all off. Any

Sign me,
20% Tipper.

Well, Tipper, I am with you on this one. I would have crawled out of there ashamed too if it had been
me. What these jerks don’t seem to realise is they are all giving the sport itself a bad name. You
could just make lame excuses next time you are contacted by cachers to see if you are going to an
event. (sorry, dog needs de-worming, hangnail needs cutting etc.) Basically let them know you would
rather do just about anything else but join them and be ashamed by thier behavior again. This is
defineately one of those situations where you are “damned if you do, damned if you don’t.” Perhaps
there is one reasonable member of the group you could explain your position to. (It could be you are
not the only one who feels this way.) Either way, you are screwed here. You are either going to have to
“grow a pair” and tell them, or ignore the invites and be considered a snob. My best “Bitchy Cacher”
advice here is to just ignore them, you are not the first cacher to be disillusioned by the locals and
from what you have told me you won’t be the last. The e-mails and invites will eventually stop coming
and they will forget all about you. Enjoy your game the way you have always been, and forget about
these guys, they obviously have no common courtesy anyway.

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