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The Next Rant…A look into the anti geocaching world.

October 17, 2013

In my attempt to research the alternative side of our sport I ran across quite a few websites that seemed to be simply “hater blogs” for our game.

Here is a prime example;

I commented on this guys page a long time ago, he doesn’t seem to give any reasons or valid points to ponder. He quite frankly seems like someone who ran into some rude disrespectful cachers within his caching career.  He claims to have at one time been a geocacher himself.

Another prime example of just hate without any valid points made;   — these people promise to muggle your cache if you place one…(  BTW, How is that working for you so far? ) only 5 million more geocaches and you’re there!  Apparently it is NOT working for you because your site has been closed down.

Another closed down site for anti caching…— Guess this guy couldn’t take the scrutiny from cachers or could not pay his web hosting bill.

And lets not forget facebook….  —- This page refers to geocaching as organised littering,  but only has one person seems willing to post his name to the members page.

a few articles about a group that has an eco friendly side to their hate.

Apparently if you find an environmental excuse for your hate then you are golden. The people muggling caches here are known as the “forest defenders”–

And if you really hate the “forest defenders” there’s a page for that too…

As a geocacher myself I can come up with about a dozen reasons not to geocache and about the same in arguments against our sport, but yet people who make a website out of hating our game couldn’t do any better than “it’s littering” and it “tramples small plants causing damage to environment.”  These sites also could not stand up to any scrutiny once the users at the GC forums got wind of them. (he he…)

So, The Bitchy Cacher is once again here to help sort things out.   This is for all you haters of our sport…  Let’s get it right this time shall we?

1.  Do not allow comments on your blog . So, you came home to 200 hate mails because your blog caught the attention of the GC forums.  “my bad!”  just doesn’t seem to cover it here. you should have known better… if they want to offer their own opinion they can start their own blog correct?  Do it right next time.

2, Have a better argument than “All geocachers are assholes!”  There are assholes everywhere you go in life.  Chances are these people aren’t just assholes when it comes to geocaching.  So, please come up with examples of these types of cachers, and go ahead and call them out on your blog page. (you disallowed comments right?)

3. All geocachers already know that our game is essentially organized littering so if you are going to go out and muggle our caches…DO IT! ,  Find like minded people and organize it, only a troll goes around saying they are going to do this, without actually doing it.  Don’t worry The Bitchy Cacher has a back-up cache at home for every cache I own,  I alone could keep you guys busy for months.  Don’t just talk about it, actions speak louder than words.

4. Have valid arguments and points to ponder,  show pictures of damage caused by geocachers, show log entries of players who broke the rules or trespassed on private property to get a cache find.  These type of examples are out there, but hey you just opened up a blogspot account, that’s enough for one day.  Worry about having actual proof geocachers are causing damage for another time.

5. Have followers, (even if it is only your grandma and her sewing guild)  having no followers or comments supporting your opinion just makes you look disgruntled and crabby. You DO have many valid arguments against geocaching to make.  If you just would make them from an environmental and socially responsible stand point you might actually have a few real followers.

6. Keep up on your blog, if you really felt geocaching was a waste of time, you would update your blog once in a while.  Writing one paragraph 6 years ago does not make you an active advocate of “anti geocaching”  It makes you look lazy and as if you have not one single good point to make in the last half decade. Come on, how about a new post once in a while? Surely there has been a geocacher who has pissed you off recently, write about it!

Now, my original intent on this blog post was to give the haters some free press.  Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.  I was actually in search of  valid points against our sport,  but found only a few.  So in the name of  “live and let live” I am going to let the haters have their fun, and leave my comment section open for them to have their say, after all if we hate “the haters” then we are no better than they are…

If anyone has a website you think The Bitchy Cacher should see on please post it here in the comments section

  1. geocaching permalink

    Hi there colleagues, its great piece of writing , keep it up all the time.

  2. Dai Geth permalink

    Yeah i went backpacking and decided to check out how much crap people left behind. Im a firm believe in “take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but foot prints”. I found over 40 “geocaches” left in just the primative camp site. None contained any useful information, nothing of value, etc. Pointless trash being left behind for a game? Geocaching IS littering. I dont care how you justify it, its littering.

  3. Gerald permalink and we are back for good join us to clean up geocaching

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