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The next rant… “If you leave it… we will come!” (The geocaching vacation abroad).

October 6, 2013

In today’s rant we will rundown some of the observances I made while travelling to several different European countries on our recent vacation.

1. The event cache.

Noticed quite a few event caches that simply were cachers from North America saying “I’m here, come meet me!”.  Nice.., but wouldn’t it have been better if rather than trying to create your own event you had joined in on an already existing one by the locals?  In several listings the only cachers who seemed to be joining in  were also coincidentally in the country from North america.  On one listing for an event , the cache owner archived the listing, ( because no one signed up to go), with a cheap parting shot at the local cachers.  A bonk on the head goes to this asshole. If only you had not been so self absorbed you would have noticed there already was an event that same day placed by the local association.  Well at least now they know what they would have been in for if they had shown up at your event.

2. Nobody cared that the cache was in bad repair.

In more than one find along our travels we found really crappy containers being held together with sticky tape or band-aids wrapped in a zippy bag.  Some of these caches were quite old and get this…. nobody cared.  Log books and new zippy bags were replaced by locals to make sure a cache in a significant location was still around for the future, even if they did not know who placed it.  A big thank you to these people, I found some of these caches and was grateful for it still being around.

3.  Favorite points.

Hurrah, they give them out generously over in Europe, even a “tic tac” container hidden in a sidewalk crack got favorite points.  Some tourist caches had hundreds of favorite points just for the location alone.  Back home, it would seem that if you want a favorite point you have to be really creative and put out tons of effort and money to make a favorite points worthy cache. Kudos to these players,  they bring the word “grateful” to a new level.  On one cache listing I noticed a note on the cache page that read: “As soon as I earn another point, you’ll be getting a favorite from me!” ….This guy really “gets it”.. he had over 900 finds.

4.  Caches placed in areas of significance.

Unlike the city in which I live,  caches were not  crammed in the minimum distance apart. There did not seem to be the over saturation of crappy caches we have on our side of the pond.  Most were placed in interesting areas to explore. We never found a nasty dumpster cache or parking lot skirt lifter.  Might explain the favorite points thing too… It would seem, not everyone is out to see how many caches they can pack into an urban area.  Thanks again to the locals for this, I never had to waste my time on anything that wasn’t worthy of a log entry.

Now, to be fair… these were only our experiences.  Our tour around Europe, mostly took us to urban centers.   The one pair of local cachers we actually met were very nice. They commented in their log entry on how they got the opportunity to try their english  on us. (extremely gracious of you!)   We did not have geocaching as our specific focus for our trip, but it did make a walk in the local city parks more interesting and filled in the gaps between tours and opening hours for museums nicely.  The couple rural area caches we found all seemed to be placed by only a few cachers,  a big thank you to these folks, you certainly “get it” when it comes to attracting tourists….(If you leave it… we WILL come!) and we did…,and we left feeling better than when we came….

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  1. Yeah Bitchy, I always thought the “I’m here, come meet me” vacation events were tacky, and kind of awkward for the locals. They certainly have many defenders in the Groundspeak forums though, including people who have hosted them. Whatever, I’ll probably never attend one, and there have been a couple in my area over the years.

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