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The Next Rant…. Are you are being a Geocaching hog?

August 7, 2013

In today’s rant, we will examine the very rarest of the geo-species, “The geo-hog”

Now, how do you know if you are a hog?  Well, there are a very few simple ways to tell…

1. Do you take multiple caching swag items and chip in a quarter?

2. Do you own more than your fair share of caches in an area close to you?

3. Do you make a run out the door when a new cache notification comes up, not caring  that you’ve already bagged the last 10  F.T.F. released in your area?

4. Have you held more than your fair share of event caches?

5. Do your caches have the monopoly on a certain area of interest?  Are they placed so tightly they don’t allow for other users to come in a place one in the vicinity?

Congratulations, You ARE a geo-hog!

Perhaps you are not a hog, and are reading this and nodding your head. The Bitchy Cacher is here to empathize with you, and to give a few pointers so you won’t become one of the people you hate.

First off there is absolutely no need to own more caches than you could possibly maintain.  How many is this you ask?   If it would take more than a couple of days to perform maintenance on all of them, you have too many.

There is a user in my area who owns more than 200 caches, (most of them junk)   He seems to think that if users post needs maintenance logs on his caches, he should just archive them, and place new ones instead. Don’t be this guy,

Don’t be a swag hog, always carry some decent trinkets and good trade-ables with you when you cache. You can never tell when you might find something you will like, and saying to yourself “No one will care” just isn’t true.

In one of my first caches ever placed, I filled it with some very decent well thought out swag. After a few months of receiving several log entries that read; “TNLNSL”. I went to check on it… there was originally 16 items left for trade, there were 3 when i checked on it.  The only truthful log entry was from a 12 yr old boy who said he a left a seashell. (it was there) Thanks for the shell kid, you get the honesty award.

Don’t monopolize an entire area with your caches, you’re not the first person to discover it.  If there are no room for other caches, what is ever going to bring cachers back to it a second time after they have done yours?

Co-ordinate your event caches with other cachers. Do you really want to meet with people you just met with 2 days ago?  Post a message of intent on your local forums  make sure your geo friends won’t have to pick and choose between events.

I just got a new notification for an event cache close to me, it is only 5 days away and no one has said they would be there, all the logs read “sorry will be attending GCxxxx event, too bad you won’t be there” This would not have happened had you thought ahead.

lastly, please don’t be a first to find hog, if you’ve gotten the last few give it a rest for a bit, give others the chance to feel what you felt signing an empty log book.  I have seen quite a few subtle jabs in logbooks aimed toward first to find hogs. Get a clue people. You ARE a hog.

  1. Why don’t you write about …. Groundspeak’s HOSTILE REVIEWER

  2. Jacko permalink

    You hit the nail on the head, you should tell the hogs to get a life.

  3. Oh, yeah – like the cacher who owns almost 400 caches and continues to throw down useless power trails as he hogs every trail within a day’s drive. And the people who hog all the accessible earthcache sites, making it very difficult for relative newcomers to advance to higher earthcache master levels…

  4. In my area there is a cacher with 200 caches who brags about laying down micro caches in trees just to “claim the area” and “saw a tiny open area”. He has tied up my favorite park with a micro in a tree in the parking lot that only two people have found. I deliberately mock him by saying in all my cache descriptions “it is not a boring micro in a tree”.

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