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The latest Rant…Who Would You Rather Play With?

February 16, 2013

I find one of the best things about our sport is that it is user based, unfortunately it’s also one of the worst things about it as well.

Fun loving , upbeat people are great at placing caches, leaving log entries, giving compliments and generally nice to run into while caching. Wish there were more people like this playing the game.  People like this never leave a bad comment on a cache page, or criticize caches as though they are an expert on the subject. They seem to realize you never know who you are dealing with when caching, so be polite at all times. These people “get it” when it comes to expectations, even after hundreds of finds to their name, they are just as happy to find a skirt lifter as they are to find an ammo box filled with interesting swag, they understand someone made an effort to leave something for you to find and are always grateful for the cache. Kudos, if you can see yourself in the above description, if I could put out caches for only you to find I would gladly do it many times over just to read what you’re going to leave me in your log entries.

One of the biggest problems about our game is the rate in which it is growing, it would seem everyday I get a log entry, or a cache watch note by a user with less than 100 finds to their name.  The Bitchy Cacher does not have a problem with “newbies” and  is all for new players jumping into to contribute to the game. I just hope their enthusiasm holds out long enough to place a few quality, memorable caches before they get bored of the game.

I find some of the worst most unpleasant users of this game are some of the older, thousands of finds type players, they seem to be the most annoying, highly critical,  jaded, and rude players in the sport. These players constantly complain about newbies not following etiquette, or crappy hides.  Who would you rather play with?  The newbies, or “Mr. Know-it-all” with 1000’s of finds. Well, let us break it down “Bitchy Style” and see what we come up with….

Newbie, shows up to an event, shakes hands,  listens intently to what see what useful info is there to be had, makes small talk, thanks the cache event people, and leaves feeling a little smarter than when he came in. —  Mr. K.I.A. shows up,  makes a bee line straight to his buddies, brags about his latest challenge, complains about users who aren’t in the room , offers his opinion to others where it wasn’t asked for, he has learned nothing, and he likes it this way.

Newbies goes caching,  finds a stuffed animal with a baby food jar in it, stuffed in the crux of a tree, he goes home, writes  ” That was not at all what I was expecting, cool, Thanks very much!” — Mr. K.I.A. goes caching, finds the same cache, goes home, sends the cache owner a scathing log entry saying “I won’t stand for this nonsense!” with a link to the Groundspeak  guidelines for cache placement.

Newbie places a traditional  “open for all users” cache:, he leaves a margarine container under a bench in a city park, to his delight, gets a finder on his cache one hour after being published, enjoys reading all his log entries good or bad ,  gets 40 find logs  for the week,  he  has to replace his cache and update his co-rds within 3 weeks,  but he has learned what works, and what doesn’t, very quickly.—  Mr. K.I.A.  puts out a “members only” challenge cache that will require the finder to have 100 different souvenirs on their profile before being allowed to find it.  He waits two weeks before anyone qualified finds it first,  scoffs openly at anyone questioning his accuracy, and one year later only has 3 finders in total.  He has learned nothing about what a real “user friendly” cache is.

Newbie takes his muggle friends out caching with him, allows them all to enjoy the walk to GZ, points them in the right direction of the cache, follows behind, graciously allows his friends to make the find when they get there, marvels at the hide, then asks if they’d like to find another.—Mr. K.I.A. takes his muggle friends caching,  leads the way, grabs the find first,  proceeds to tell everyone why the hide is bad,  then races to the next find with his companions lagging behind.

The Bitchy Cacher would rather spend 100 days finding caches with newbies,  than one hour caching with Mr. K.I.A.  Not only do newbies have more enthusiasm and sense of wonder for the game, but they don’t have the attitude  “Been there, done that”  Newbies are genuinely impressed with any hide they manage to find, and grateful to the cache owners for their effort in placing one. Kind of makes you wonder why the Mr. K.I.A. s of this world even go caching anymore, they don’t seem to enjoy it,  they have found one of just about every kind of hide you could imagine,  have trolled every forum and blog offering advice that wasn’t asked for. So why do they bother anymore?  Pride in not giving up on the sport? Just want to pad their find count more to beat a buddy?  Who knows, but I can think of quite a few players who would be a lot happier, and still involved with the sport  if  it wasn’t for Mr. K.I.A.  Newbies don’t bring down our sport,  it is the jaded, cranky users who do.  Perhaps Mr. K.I.A. should hang up the GPS for a while, it might make him realize why he loved it in the first place, it probably won’t,  but hey, I can dream, can’t I?

  1. Great rant I agree and outstanding handle!

  2. Cappy permalink

    Something like this happened to me. I was using the forums for the first time and was excited because I was talking to many new caters, so I decided to post on a thread about describing my first hide. At the time, I had misunderstood the Geocaching rules about damaging trees so I had nailed two boards into one. The forum members berated me for this and one simply went to my cache page and requested it be archived.

    I realize I was in the wrong, but he requested that before I even had a chance to correct my mistake. I also realized posts couldn’t be deleted, so I archived it myself.

    Mr. High-and-Mighty had done this to numerous people and often berated people for hiding birdhouses because they used a nail to be attached to the tree (I don’t like birdhouse finds, but really?). People like this just grind my gears.

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