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Today’s Rant….The Sticklers for the Rules.

December 20, 2012

Now,  if I had one piece of advice for new cachers it would be “Don’t listen to other cachers who are sticklers for the rules”. These people not only suck the fun out of the game, but life itself.

In one local forum, the poster had asked if he did not have a pen on him to sign with was it ok to take a picture of the logbook instead.  The first response from a “try to be helpful” cacher was “No, the rules clearly state the physical logbook has to be signed to claim a find.”  This has not been my experience at all, (thank goodness). It may be a rule, but I think the cache owner would have to be a real jerk to not let the log stand, when the cache itself was obviously physically found.  A bonk on the head to the responder of this question, thank heavens I’ll never be finding your caches.

In another forum there was a cacher griping about a cache owner deleting their log. What they hesitated to say is how incredibly rude their log entry was. His post read, “Oh well, I’ll send it to appeals, and they will lock down my log so the cache owner can’t delete it, the rules clearly say I’m allowed to log it because I found it, and signed the log”  Well, thanks to the reviewer for this one, his log entry was reduced to “TFTC”, without all the unnecessary opinionated rude drivel the original log entry had.  It may be a rule that you are allowed your smiley for the day for actually finding it, but do you have to be an ass about it?  Next time you post in the forums about the same thing, tell the whole story, you are the bully here,  not the victim.

Another cacher had a question about placing a cache he wanted to know how long it usually takes for local review, he had already placed the cache and was awaiting publication of  the cache page.  The “I think I’m being helpful” responders to the question did nothing helpful to answer the question, but instead posted links to the groundspeak guidelines and rules as to why he should not have placed the cache without making a cache page first.  Way to go people,  do you also suck the joy out of  your childrens’ lives when they announce to you some accomplishment they have made?  For shame, couldn’t you have just answered the question without your “know it all” opinion?

The Bitchy Cacher has also been a victim of the rules,  I found a cache once with an additional logging requirement (ALR).  I enjoyed finding the cache very much and wrote a nice log entry for the cache owner, only later to see the cache owner had deleted my log because I had not included the ALR they had asked for in my log entry.   I did not bother to do anything here,  I couldn’t care less that I lost a smiley on my find count, I did not bother to log it again, it is frankly just not worth my time.  If you want to be a stickler for your own made up rules, go ahead, I could have been a jerk here, and reminded you that any ALR in a cache description is only optional and not mandatory, but sticking people to the rules is not my style, I’ll leave that to you  and remember not to log any finds on your caches from now on.

Now I know most people who are sticklers for the rules think they are just being helpful, but frankly, you just remind me of the snotty kids in school who go and tell on you to the teacher for coloring outside the lines.  A new cacher can look up the rules for themselves,  please allow them to discover things on their own, the game has a major learning curve to it and sometimes learning the hard way teaches you more than someone giving you a link to the guidelines.  If  you are new to the game you can most certainly enjoy it without memorizing every groundspeak guideline.  As much as there are rules to our game, no one from an office in Seattle is going knock on your door and issue you a ticket for not following them word for word.  Get out there and discover things for yourself and don’t let the rule sticklers suck the life out of your game,  they are not any authority you have to listen to, nor do they have the enthusiasm you have for the sport.  Ignore these people, The Bitchy Cacher does.

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