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The Latest rant…Avoiding the Muggles.

November 27, 2012

In my quest to find out how other players deal with muggles while geocaching, I’ve come across quite a bit of differing info and opinion. In today’s rant, we are going to examine all the various styles of meeting, and dealing with muggles.

1.  “You don’t see me!”

the general attitude is; act non-chalant, tie your shoes, play with your smartphone, pretend to talk into your GPS, or just plain try to blend in. Well, how very unfriendly of you, anyone ever thought of saying “hello”? or being friendly? This attitude generally reminds me of the NY city subway.  “I don’t know you, I don’t want to know you, and if you talk to me I’ll push you off of the platform”  No, it isn’t very friendly, nor is it courteous.  Try instead a smile, making a remark about the weather, and walk away for a short while. The Bitchy Cacher can understand not wanting to talk to strangers, but making it obvious you’re ignoring someone is well…, rude.

2. “Let’s tell everyone about this!”

Yes, there is one in every group of cachers it would seem.  You know the guy, who just seems to think everyone should love caching as much as he does. This type of cacher will tell anybody within earshot what he is doing, (he’ll even flag them down), somehow he is hoping to bring new cachers into the fold. This same guy, is also an arrogant A$$. He will say condescending things to people who ask him what he is doing such as ” I can’t believe you’ve never heard of geocaching before!” and opinionated things like  “It’s just so much fun!, you should try it!”  If you go caching with this guy, don’t, leave him at home.  The public does not need to made to feel like they were living under a rock for the last decade. Perhaps we could put the phrase ” I am just out today doing a little geocaching, have you heard of it before?” In Mr. Enthusiastics’ linguistics data base before some muggle gets up in his business and tells him where to stick his GPS.  Always let a muggle offer their opinion too, and listen to it without judgement.

3. “Shove off!”

I could not believe this when I read this on a local forum, but yes, there are cachers out there who when confronted by a muggle will tell them to “Take a hike!” . Why?  Were they rude to you?  Did they do something wrong?  These types of cachers are not only rude, but idiots as well.   It is your choice whether or not you want to explain yourself while caching, you really don’t have to explain what you are doing to another member of the public, but there is no reason to be rude about it either. If you’re this paranoid about muggles, perhaps you should work on a good cover story for your being there instead of being a jerk about it. If these muggles ever do find out what you were doing there on their own, they will probably think of all geocachers as being a$$holes.  Well, thanks for that jerk, I’m going to have to hear about it when I meet these people for myself one day. A professional customer retention specialist makes $32 an hour, you now owe me $16 for having to clean up your mess. Be polite please, I guarantee you it is easier than trying to fill out the police report for the guy who decked you for your rudeness.

4. “We are treasure hunters!”

Ok, so I kinda get it when it is explained this way, but, come on people, don’t exaggerate it. I mean really?   Is that the best you could come up with? Yes, I have actually heard people explaining it  to a muggle this way, in person.  I must say, at the time they said this, I wanted to just crawl under a carpet and stay there until everyone went away. It’s a game!  It might be a sport, but it is not treasure hunting by any means. We are out searching for tupperware and bison tubes for a log to sign. Trying to make the activity sound super exciting was a nice thought, but if these people try caching for themselves some day there going to be a little disappointed to find their treasure is an old boy scout patch and a happy meal toy. Let’s not call it something it is not, it’s geocaching,  the hunt for hidden containers listed on an internet website.

The Bitchy Cacher will only ever advocate being polite to members of the public.  This is the same reason you shouldn’t ever road rage, what if the person you tick off is a complete and total psychopath? Why take any unnecessary risks while increasing the aggravation?

As the game grows the muggles will grow. In my personal experience, I have only found a very few muggles who heard about geocaching before they met myself. Most muggles I have met  (and sadly 2 security guards) had not heard of it .  I have explained the game many times, to many different people, I remain friendly and polite at all times. Unless I am asked, I have never given more info than necessary to explain the game.

By the same idea, bragging about what you are doing as though you’ve discovered a secret virtual diamond mine is a bit much. If you are a nice friendly type person then the muggle is more likely to see your joy in the game than some “pitch man” type bragging about the game.

Better yet, avoid muggles all together, pick caches in muggle free areas.

  1. maggi permalink

    When I encounter a muggle who seems interested in what I am doing, I usually make eye contact and smile to gauge whether or not they are truly intrigued as to why I am looking so intently at a random park bench. If they turn and walk away, great. If not, and they are still watching me, I just explain, “I’m playing a game. Kind of like a high-tech scavenger hunt.” Sometimes I just get, “Oh.” and they walk away. Sometimes it piques their interest and then I go ahead and explain further. Sometimes I’ll show them, and then explain how the beauty in the game is hiding objects in plain sight and then hiding them well and try not to draw attention to myself so the cache will be there for the next person. I’ve gotten a few folks to start playing themselves and then a few others just think its an interesting concept and walk away.

    But never, EVER be rude. It serves no purpose. Besides, if you act like an a$$ to a muggle, it then really makes them want to know what you are doing and they may just find the cache themselves after you leave and toss it just for spite. And that sucks for the next cacher…

  2. Vania permalink

    You share interesting things here. I think that your blog can go viral easily,

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