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Dear Bitchy Cacher… Rants from readers.

September 26, 2012

From time to time I have been answering geocaching questions from readers and newbies.
I will always try my best to give an opinion (or two), but I am far from an expert on the subject.
I felt some of these questions would be would be educational if shared with everyone.

Dear Bitchy Cacher;
You say you don’t like logging crappy caches, What would make a cache so crappy
that you would choose not to log it?

First off I pride myself on doing a little pre-reading and map checking on each cache,
thus eliminating many crappy locations and finds. (google earth is your friend, especially street view)
Doing your homework really helps to cut down on the amount of crappy
cache finds and wasted effort.

Usually when I refuse to log a cache, it is because when I got to the location found the cache
in a bad state of repair, with no significant redeeming qualities such as nice locale, clever hide, or
original cache container. I mean really.., if the cache owner wasnt even going to put any effort into
the hide, why should I put any into the find? Sometimes I will sign the physical logbook, other times not.

A good example of a no log, is when I have arrived at a location to find it very muggle busy, or there is
nothing there that is worthwhile to look at or photographing.
Another no log could be, a busy caching day, found 10, logged 7, left out the ones that were not worth remembering.
I have always considered leaving a log entry as a way of saying, “Thanks for the effort.” No effort, no log.

I am sure I have logged a few that were not worth the keystrokes, and not logged a few that probably
derserved my thanks. Although I absolutely hate parking lot skirt lifters, some have brought me to
some very interesting areas.

Not only do I reccommend checking out cache descriptions before hand, but log entries, and pictures as well.
Doing this however, does not always save you from finding geo-junk.
(I like to save the hint for some “in the field” help if needed) I would rather find a memorable log worthy cache,
than to pad my find count doing crappy ones.

Dear Bitchy;

I have noticed conflicting opinions and thoughts on your blog.
When are you going to get your #$%^! together?

I would agree with you some of the rants here ARE in conflict with one another (that was not by accident).

The key to understanding in any community, is to try to comprehend another persons point of view, not just read it.
I try whenever possible to “walk in another persons shoes”. I often read and sign up for geocaching forums
in parts of the world other than mine. When I see an interesting or different point of view on a subject, I will try to expand on it.
Some cachers will have concerns that don’t effect other cachers, but the concerns and opinions of different users are worth exploring
if only to try to understand them better.

95% of geo ettiquitte is simply an opinion on how things should be done. As the old saying goes; “opinions are like
@$$holes; everybody’s got one.” I always try to see anothers point of view, even if that opinion is not popular.

I have found a lot of ideas by reading news articles, other peoples blogs, forum posts, and the counter points of view that follow them.
If anyone has any new ideas for a rant or a differing opinion they would like to expand on please feel free drop me a line or submit
your own “guest blogger” article for my page. (all entries will be aknowledged) the bitchier, the better, of course.

Dear Bitchy Cacher;

By the tone of your written articles it doesn’t even sound like you like geocaching, and you don’t put your groundspeak
user name up for us to see your profile on, What gives?

First off, (I love caching) try to separate the blog from the person..,these are simply rants and musings, if I got you upset with something I ranted about, good, I got you thinking, didn’t I? Geocaching is one of the fastest growing sports in the world and users need to realise when they log a find or place a cache , REAL people are on the other end of the computer not an automated machine.

Secondly, there is no way I want to publicly embarass the specific cachers I rant about.
They will recognize themselves in the blog postings (some I have quoted exactly, word for word)
No point in adding insult to injury. If I used my GC caching I.D. it wouldn’t be hard to find out
who some of these users I rant about are. Like I said before, this is just an opinion, they are entitled
to thiers as well and if they wish to air their counter point of views to my blog, I will be happy to post them.
but I am not about to “out” these players on the internet, so my I.D. will remain as it is.
I want to thank all the cachers who dropped me a line either to cheer me on, or tell me off. All comments were
recieved, some were posted, some were responded to privately, but all of them were appriciated.

If you wish to be a “guest blogger” for the Bitchy Cacher I will gladly accept your submissions, but please try to keep your  language  PG-13. (some of my fans are kids)

I welcome, and look forward to your entries.



One Comment
  1. You got a really useful blog. I have been here reading for about an hour. I am a newbie and your success is very much an inspiration for me.

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