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The Bitchy Cacher talks with Mother Nature

September 23, 2012

The other day I decided to give my dear old friend Mother Nature a quick call
to see what she thinks about geocaching.

Ring, ring!!


“Hi Mother Nature, it’s me, Bitchy Cacher!”

“Sweetie!! It’s been ages! How have you been?”

“Fantastic, just came back from seeing some of your finest work”

“Oh, I am so glad you like it Bitchy, it has taken me forever to get it just right”

“Well, the reason I called Mother Nature is to see what you think of geocaching”
“Geocaching? Well, I gotta tell you hon, I’m real happy you and your friends, out and about enjoying some of my work ,
just wish you and your GPS buddies could stop hurting some of my trees and plants.”

“We are working on that Mother Nature, I promise to do my best to get the word out”‘

“Thanks bitchy, I don’t mind it so much, you know, it keeps me busy and all, but with
all the other crap I have to watch out for, I’ll appricate any help you can give”

” Sure, I promise.  Hey, remember I was telling you about the group of ladies who stole all
my nice homemade swag out of my cache and didn’t leave anything?”

“Sure I do sweetie.  I looked them up at, and gave them all a really heavy period, three weeks early!!”
“Aw, you’re the best Mother Nature, I love you!”

“Bitchy, sweetie, when are you and I going to get together?  How’s Saturday?  Drinks?  Maybe grab a bite?”

“Damn…, I can’t…, I promised that I’d go caching with some friends, They have this really ambitious itinerary
they want to go on…, I’m not sure I’m up for it, but I did promise ”

“Honey.., It’s me you’re talking to.., I can get you out of that. What time?”

“We we’re going to meet up around noon”

“Ok, no prob then I’ll send my very best lightning, rain and hailstorm around 11:30, I’ll let it last a good hour
by then even the most die hard cachers give up, and voila! You and I have the rest of the day and night to paint
the town”

“Fantastic Mother Nature!, Love you lots!, I’m looking forward to it, see you saturday!”

“Love you too Bitchy, bye for now!”

Just a friendly reminder;

Don’t mess with Mother Nature.

Tread lightly.

Respect where you are.

Place environment  friendly caches only.

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