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Geocaching Rant # (whatever I’m up to now)….”I’m going to take my toys and go home!!”

September 20, 2012

In my quest to always find an alternative look into this game, I have witnessed some pretty “sucky” attitudes by cachers. Now, far be it from ME to blog about another persons attitude,  but let’s just take a look at it from another point of view shall we?

First off, let’s examine the “I’ll take my toys and go home” attitude.  I have seen many a cache listing that have been archived by the CO they didn’t like because of the comments left by finders of the cache.  Well, that is your prerogative as a cache owner, I have felt the same way on occasion, but never did I archive a cache listing or sound off on the user who left the negative comment on my cache listing. There was no point to doing so, other finders found my cache perfectly acceptable (even leaving me one of their precious favorite points). As I have stated in a previous entry, even if I hated your cache (or location) . I will not sound off in a log entry, I just simply won’t log your cache. You are most entitled to your opinion and if you feel that archiving your cache is an appropriate way of expressing your dismay towards others, feel free to do so with my blessing. Maybe if you had let your cache listing stand for a while longer you would have received the feedback you were looking for. (not everyone feels the need to provide negative feedback when they find a cache they don’t like).

I have also seen “The cache has been muggled more than once, so it’s getting archived” owner notes. Ok, now I really “get it” when it comes to this attitude. Obviously the spot you chose was not really all that muggle free, and you are tired of replacing it over and over again, but is it possible you could have hid it better, camo-ed it better, or attached it in some way so it could not have wandered off?  I mean, really? Do you think a member of the public would have reached blindly into the cavity of a rotten tree, pulled out a duct taped rubbermaid container, and said to themselves “Ooh, isn’t that neat? I think I’ll take it home.”?  Highly doubtful, but I do “get it”. Perhaps it is all just a learning curve and your next hide will reflect this I’m sure.

There is always the “overkill” attitude; “I am tired of reading nit-picking, negative log entries on my caches, so I will be archiving ALL of them.” .. Really?!! Seriously?!!  ALL of your caches, because of what just a few people said?!!  Feel free to refer these people to my blog and let me sound off on them to save yourself the aggravation. If this is your attitude, maybe user based sports are not for you. Yes, cache owners should realize they are going to need a thicker skin and not take things too personally when they place their caches. I am sure that if I tried really hard I could find something wrong with every single cache I have been to, which really is what the negative loggers of caches seem to do effortlessly.  It reminds me of an inspirational poster I once saw, “How am I supposed to soar with the eagles, when I work with the turkeys?”  If another user has resorted to name calling, or profanity on your cache page report it immediately. (but not before you send “The Bitchy Cacher” the link).  I hear your concern, your hurt feelings, and hope you can learn to ignore some of the negative types in the future.  I really enjoy reading find logs from my caches, and tend to focus on the good ones and not the bad.

I was reading a forum entry recently where the cache owner felt she was being targeted personally by cache thieves. One of her unique cache containers was reported missing by a finder, and she felt as though the finder had stolen it themselves because it was distinctive. Shortly after sounding off on this person in private correspondence, she had another cache go missing, and then another. I pretty much could have told her this was going to happen. Being accused of something is never enjoyable, and could push another user into getting what they see as revenge against their accuser.  Once again, this is a user based sport, and unfortunately we have to take comments and log entries at face value despite what we feel in our hearts to be true.  I might be a little obsessive compulsive in doing this, but I have at home a back-up cache for every cache listing I have, at home, all ready to go, for just this occasion. “The Bitchy Cacher” does feel your pain, madame, but perhaps getting mad at the messenger wasn’t the right thing to do here.

In closing, let me just say everyone is entitled to their own feelings and reactions to their caches.  Local geocaching workshops in the near future may one day have a segment called “Grow a thick skin, and suck it up”.  There is absolutely no need to archive a cache because of the bitchy musings of others on their log entries and comments. We all take criticisms in real life in one form or another, why did you feel geocaching would be any different? If everyone took this attitude there would be very few caches to find.  I hope those of you who can see yourself in these posts can learn to forgive and forget so persons like myself can look forward to your next hide.

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