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The latest rant…. Naughty, Naughty!

September 5, 2012

let me start by saying that it is my habit to put caches I have found recently on my  “watchlist” .  Twice now I have been chastised by other cachers in their online log following mine.

The first time, the other cacher barely stopped short of calling me names, ( apparently the logbook was found on the ground).  I did not purposely leave it on the ground, obviously it was an oversight on my part, it was a freezing cold day in January and I might have been in a bit if a hurry to get out of there and warm up.  (deal with it)

The second time, the next cacher proudly announced that he had replaced the cache properly, unlike the cacher before him, (me)  who had left it on the ground.  Frankly, I found it on the ground, I am going to replace it where I found it. No attributes, hints, or description of the cache had told me it should be anywhere else.

Was any of these things really worth mentioning?  Not really, it would seem people just like feeling like a big hero of some kind by reporting it.  I mean seriously people? Have you nothing better to write in your online log?  Suck it up, I have never once blamed any sort of cache problem on the person before me, i have simply righted the problem, logged my find, and carried on to the next one.

I have seen other cachers logs that go so far as to demean the player before them by leaving remarks such as ” How dare anyone give this kind of foolishness a favorite point?, It is not a proper container!!”  (Oh yeah, that is always the finders fault) .  Now I know that persons who leave these types of remarks feel like they are “just protecting their sport”, making sure the cache will be available for the long term, blah, blah, blah,. Grow up, many cachers have found caches in a state of bad repair and they don’t blame the person before them, nor do they even bother to mention, it they simply, graciously right the situation without incident.  (kudos to them)

Simply put, you are not my boss, nor are you any authority on the sport I have to listen to.  Suck it up, and fix the damn problem without whining about it. (you were going to fix it anyway)  Frankly, you remind me of the type of employee who marches into the boss’s office to whine about something a co-worker did not do, when it would have taken less time to do what they did not, than walk into the boss’s office to report it.  As the boss himself would tell you, “You are not a very good team player”

It does not seem to stop these whiners that the cacher before them reported the same  type problem without placing blame on another player.  It would seem some players just like feeling superior to others by trying to shame them somehow.  Perhaps it makes them feel as though they have somehow “saved the day” by simply screwing a cap on a little tighter than it was before.

Apparently the shaming of others does not stop at other finders, I have seen cache owners chastise finders following a ” needs maintenance” flag of their caches.  When a finder reported in an online find that the logbook was no longer sign-able (very full),  the C.O.s response was; “Would have it killed you to stick in a slip of paper?!!”  I hate to remind cache owners of this, but hey, “Not my problem” comes to mind. The last 3 finders of the cache had told you the book was full, but the guy who flagged the cache was to blame for your lack of maintenance.

There are always going to be irresponsible players in a user based game, new players who don’t know any better, forgetful people who can’t quite remember exactly which branch of the tree it was on, players who cross thread the top when replacing the peanut butter jar lid.  Deal with it. You know better, and most of the time no real harm was done to the cache, suck it up and write about your experience in finding a cache that’s what the online log is for, not your bitchy complaints.

It reminds me very much of what my driving instructor told me many years ago, “If you drive like everybody else on the road is a stupid idiot you will never road rage , it will become expected that other driver will cut you off, and you will be a lot better off emotionally because you won’t get mad and try to flip them the bird”  Same goes for caching, if you imagine that the cacher before you did not know any better you will simply address the situation and carry on with your day.

We are all at a level pegging in this game, we are all users, we all make mistakes, chances are the other cacher you are whining about did not purposely make a mistake so you would have something to complain about. And chances are you’ve made mistakes, other more gracious cachers fixed without noting it in their logs, give it a rest. There is a very good chance the other cacher is not going to read your comment anyway.

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