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A Rant About the GC Forums

August 21, 2012

Ok, let’s face it, the user forums at groundspeak suck.  It is always the same 3 people arguing or posting lame comments, the forum moderators are useless, their answer to everything is the same; lock the topic so no one else can argue or defend themselves.

I dare anyone out there to ask a legitimate question on the forums and see for themselves the amount of drivel the users with 1000’s of posts leave for a simple question. Everything from self promotion, argumentative points of view, name calling, racist remarks, pictures of their pets, or  lame jokes. The list could go on but why bother, isn’t going to do anything about these people anyway. (if you decide to do this please post the link here)

I can recall a post I replied to; the user was wondering how to get started in the sport, (he couldn’t find one he went looking for) did they have to report a do not find?, what was he looking for exactly?  I responded by saying maybe his first choice of geocache ( a nano on a fencepost)  wasn’t really the best choice for a first find.  That he did not have to post his “did not find” if he didn’t want to, and that generally the cache listing would give him an idea of what he was looking for before going out.  Well of course the other ” know it all” posters of the forums spoke up (how could I have expected them not to?) and began to chastise me for telling the user not to post “do not finds”  Next thing you know, the entire thread becomes a huge debate on whether or not to post “DNF”s.  needless to say the fellow got no helpful advice at all.

I have noticed it is the posters of 1000’s of comments who basically write the drivel no one wants to read.  Did they even bother to read the comment or question?  Groundspeak should put a limit on how many posts someone can leave in a year, if you have more to say to the original poster , contact them privately, save the lame jokes and rude remarks for your family they are the only ones who should have to put up with your crap.

Moderators are no better, they also leave opinions that were not asked for by the original poster and put their two cents in far too much. Perhaps they did not realize that a  moderator is just that… a moderator, someone who polices the forum and takes out inappropriate content.  I saw one moderator post a comment about a topic following a racist remark by a member. Really?!!  You were so interested in putting in your opinion, you didn’t notice the racist remark made by the poster before you? For shame moderator, you are showing your stripes and it’s not pretty.

In a perfect world, we could ban the users who have 1000’s of postings of drivel and insulting remarks to others, but unfortunately groundspeak sees it as these postings are better than no postings at all. ( I would greatly disagree). perhaps if these people did get banned, other users of the forums who only browse would actually speak up once in a while. Maybe these people never post , because they know what they are in for if they do.

Today’s lesson, stick to your local forums for asking questions and getting advice, if you don’t have one where you live,  joining any local forum will do when it comes to getting answers, avoid communicating with the “10,000 post know it all”  types, if they had something useful to say they would have said it long before now and are just trying to see how many posts they can write in one day. (BTW, just so you know; it doesn’t count as a smiley).

To all the users who can’t seem to keep their fingers off the keyboard when they see a new post on the forums;  give it a rest, and start reading the forums for a change, all the lame remarks and no useful info you see following an originating post, THAT’S YOU!! please try to keep the forums a polite useful place for newbie cachers, if you can’t answer the question, Don’t respond, it is not necessary for you to always just put in your two cents constantly. I can only speak for myself but I would like to hear other cachers speaking up once in a while without being chastised by the users with thousands of postings already. But anyone who has read the forums thoroughly will never be speaking up , why should they bother? they know some other “know it all” out there is probably going to make their point for them.  Posters ; do the math, check your postings of the forums and if you have more than 3 posts a day on average, take a break from it for a while, no one is going to miss your lame remarks, and it may even be the push some other who don’t speak up need , to leave a post or two.  I’d prefer it if groundspeak banned these people, but sadly that’s not going to happen. What could you people  possibly have  have to say that you haven’t said already?. Give it a break.


I will refer you to this as a prime example of drivel…, the poster had a legitimate safety concern and only one response gave him any idea on how to get in touch with groundspeak, the other posters including a moderator simply put in their two cents worth (again), even bashing the OP for using caps lock and calling people idiots. For crying out loud people, the original poster had to sign up for a membership with groundspeak to do this, he is to be commended , not bashed, and the responses should have been serious. A bonk on the head today for “briansnat” he is a moderator who should have responded with something other than his own anecdote. I don’t blame the OP for calling whoever placed the cache near a firing range an idiot. The cache owner should have his membership suspended.

  1. Alan permalink

    Not sure if this will be recorded anywhere, I was the OP on the ‘safety concern’ item mentioned above, I seriously cannot believe that people act in the way mentioned here, but it’s all true. It has totally lowered my opinion of geocachers in general, and my son is now one!

  2. Anna permalink

    I just stumbled upon this, and after reading the whole forum thread, I’m just shocked how so many posters were so rude to the OP :/

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