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The Next Rant… The Geo-Cops

August 18, 2012

There is always one or two cachers in every area I have gone caching in that seem to have overwhelming need to critique caches when finding them.  I have noticed it always seems to be  the same local guy (or two) that will leave feedback for the owner of the cache, whether it was asked for or not.

These loggers of caches will mention almost anything to get their two cents worth in on an online log, some examples;

” the readings are 10 meters off”,— Wow! Really?! you poor thing, you actually had to LOOK for it?

“Not the nicest location”—Don’t you read a map or description? Sorry, next time we will try to place it in a botanical garden with dancing unicorns for you.  Geocaches are everywhere , you could have picked one in a nicer locale if you’d just bothered to do the research.

“Your terrain rating and difficulty levels are wrong!”— Report it to groundspeak,  It obviously did not impede your ability to find it.  Quite frankly,if you are nit picking a half star,  it just makes you look like a whiner.

“Ill leave you the link for listing guidelines”—basically is the most insulting log  to new cache owners, it basically says “you are an idiot”

I was recently reading a log that stated “Nice try, but not the best container”  after viewing the attached log photo, I saw it was a camo-ed peanut butter jar.  Ok maybe it wasn’t the best container, but was it really worth mentioning? I mean really? You couldn’t find anything wrong with it otherwise, so you nit-picked the guys choice of jar?   I can’t speak on behalf of other cachers, but I always have a backup cache container on hand for replacements, my thought is, other cachers probably have a back up plan and know the cache will need replacing .  (don’t need to hear it from you)

So to all the self proclaimed geo-cops out there who always seem to have something negative to say at every cache they go to, try to remember, someone went to the bother of taping up a container, taking a reading, finding an adequate spot, listing their cache, only to have you come by and give advice and critique that was not asked for or welcomed.

Now I know some other cachers may appreciate these little cheap shots made at cache owners, I do not,  I do not need others to police my sport for me, I can decide whether a cache is worth finding or not.

I can definitely empathize with new cache owners, sitting home hoping the finders of it will be delighted with finding it, looking forward to reading the logs left by others,  so proud that they found “the perfect spot” or clever hide,  only to be judged by some a$$hole that their cache not only was mediocre at best but in the loggers mind “a crappy find”.

Another thing noticed is that these so called geo-cops have thousands of finds. Really? … Big deal,  It does not make you an authority on the sport, nor does it give you “giving crap” to to other users privilege.  If there is something major wrong with the cache tell  groundspeak,  if not, don’t whine about it on a users cache page.

I have noticed it is very much a “My caches are perfect” kind of mentality with some of these critics.  I would love for the people who get nasty remarks from others to go and critique the geo-cops  hides.  (Trust me, I have found some of these guys hides, far, far, from perfect).

A log entry is supposed to be about your experience in finding the cache, not giving it a passing grade once you are there.

I would be remiss if I did not mention all the polite cachers out there as well, these cachers seem to still be able after thousands of finds to still find joy in every one they find, and leave a unique log for every owner. kudos to them. they really set an example that the geo-cops should be getting.  The message is;   no one has asked for your opinion,  very few people want to read it,  no matter how many more you find it still won’t make you an authority on the sport, nor will it give you the right to give others criticisms they have not asked for.  Keep your logs complimentary, this is a user based sport.

I hope that when some of these people you leave feedback for,  find  your crappy hides they are a lot more gracious to you, than you were to them.  But I certainly would not blame them if they were not.  If you really feel the need to critique other people, get a job that will allow you to do this and leave users who tried to help you get your smiley for the day alone.

  1. I hear what you are saying. I’ve been on the receiving end of those kinds of comments from time-to-time. It could also be that some of the comments are meant to help new cachers. I for one leave comments about caches that I feel are trespassing, they might not be but unless it’s pointed out no-one will go look. I’ve also made comments about wet log books, that’s certainly a pet peeve of mine. I mention in the logs because the CO has options. They can use a better container or better log book. Geocaching is a grassroots activity and as a result it’s up to all of us to do our bit to keep it going in a positive direction. I like to favourite caches and leave unique logs as a way of letting the hider know I appreciate the work they went to. I’ve also sent criticism, positive and negative, via direct messages. Sometimes people just don’t know better and won’t know better until someone points it out. I think maybe your issue is with the delivery of the message more than the message.

  2. The game has a HUGE learning curve, people are generally much happier when they learn things for themselves, than being told by others. If you feel the compelling need to critique, keep your comments private to other users, not on their cache pages. and don’t be surprised if they are not receptive to it.

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