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The fifteenth rant…. spoilers and groundspeak

July 24, 2012

I was recently fascinated by an article on a geocacher in the UK who was banned from for posting his geo find videos on YouTube.   According to groundspeak, part of the user agreement a cacher agrees to is not to publish spoilers without express permission of the cache owner.  I somewhat agree, but these spoilers were not on they were on YouTube.  I take my cue from others who have logged the cache before I have, and if the owner says no pictures of the cache or the area, I will comply, but only on their cache page, what I do on the rest of the internet is my business

I also corresponded with a woman who caches with her two small children and keeps a photo blog on the internet,  groundspeak received a complaint from a cache owner that her blog was a spoiler on a certain cache of theirs and the blogger was given an option of deleting her own blog photos or risk getting banned from the game.

Groundspeak should realize that even though  they put these rules on their game, they don’t have the right to police how other people express themselves elsewhere.  If you don’t like spoilers, don’t go to these sites or blogs, don’t click on photo galleries on cache pages, and don’t read any hints either.  Groundspeak needs to realize that being a user based sport these kind of things are going to happen, and respond to the whiners who complain with “Sorry, we can only police what is on our  web site, if you didnt like it, complain to the blogger or YouTube user”

Getting banned from groundspeak for something are doing elsewhere on the internet is like your boss saying, “you can’t get drunk on the job, so you’re fired for getting drunk in a bar after you finished your shift”   It is unreasonable and it is censorship  for groundspeak to make these demands anywhere but their own website.

Now for the good news; the fellow in the UK was reinstated by groundspeak, (but only after a petition from his fellow cachers).   The lady with the kids blog was not banned ( unfortunately she complied, but only because she has small children who simply would not understand).

If you witness this kind of censorship, stand up for the cacher who has the right to post whatever they want on other places on the internet,  tell groundspeak it reeks of  suppression of  freedoms and rights of free speech.  Tell the whiners  “if you didn’t like it why did you go there?”  Most people going to these sites are grown adults, we can decide for ourselves whether or not these things are spoilers for us we don’t need some lackey deciding what is the best for us because some whiny cache owner doesn’t like it.  They should feel honored their cache was worth posting photos or filming.  The internet is world wide, why should anyone care that a guy in the UK  is posting spoilers for caches that most of the viewers of the videos  probably wont be finding  ever.   Groundspeak needs a wake up call, it is unreasonable of them to expect users to curtail their personal videos or blogs to suit the complaints of one cache owner, when there are so many other users enjoying these sites and videos.

  1. enjoyed reading

  2. The Guy you’re talking about is Sven from geocachespoilers (look him up on youtube). He died earlier on this year but most of his videos are of his own caches and they are VERY creative!
    I’m getting slightly fed up of seeing 35ml film cans in ivy covered trees and these videos have given me an idea for a creative cache.
    I just need somewhere to hide it now!

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