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the thirteenth rant… the bomb squad.

July 11, 2012

In my research for this post I was completely overwhelmed with info.  There were hundreds more than I thought there would be. (and these were just the ones that made the news).  Let’s do the math… each time the bomb squad gets called out it adds to the cost of the municipal budget for each city or region.  (let’s say $5000)  obviously some calls will cost more, some will cost less. Let us conservatively estimate the amount of calls at about 350.  Are you sitting down?  That brings the total to $ 1,750,000.  Who is paying for this? Groundspeak?  No. Geocachers? Only partially. Ultimately it is all taxpayers who pay the price for the game players to get their smiley for the day.

Cachers are  not the only ones responsible for this waste of tax dollars.  Groundspeak needs to wake up, big time. Imagine for a moment if Groundspeak was fined $5000 for every cache that caused the bomb squad to be called. How many more risky, public hides do you think they would allow?  Now, as most of you already know Groundspeak is not doing anything out of the goodness of their hearts, it’s all about the almighty dollar.  How about spending some of those dollars on public and geocacher education?  How about spending some on educating your reviewers?  The authority on geocaching really needs to “man up” to their responsibility to the public. Perhaps all those  geocache stickers that are sold on your website could be made free for printing at the home ?  How about changing the rules of where someone could hide a cache?  How about suspensions of accounts for cachers that break the rules?  Another thing that we all know for sure is that local reviewers are not paid for their efforts. (way to “cheap out” guys).  So lets do the math on groundspeak… let us  put the users at about 2.5 million worldwide, let’s say only about 20 percent of those have bought a membership. Once again, remain seated… this makes 15 million dollars.   Seriously? Yep. 15 million. (This figure also does not factor in advertising or merchandise.) .  Makes you think if you were a paid employee of the company you’d be making out like a bandit.  It doesn’t look like Groundspeak is ever going to take responsibility for their paid users (or free ones for that matter),  so once again, it’s up to us, the user.

First off,  if a bad urban hide pops up on the radar, report it, leave a note on the cache page, refuse to find it,  and warn others in your local associations not to find it as well.  Secondly if it’s in a mall parking lot, or private property, inform the owner. Like I said in a previous entry Groundspeak, doesn’t seem to give a rats behind if the hide is very public or not, but they will listen to property owners.  We as cachers need to police the authority on the sport, and  chastise the reviewers who allow these risky hides.  I’m sure the bomb squad had better things to do with their time than blowing up tupperware and film containers left near transportation areas ,shopping malls , and government offices.  I think we should all know by now what a risky hide is.  Let’s start holding groundspeak accountable.  There are always going to be idiots out there who place bad hides. let’s be part of the solution, not part of the problem, and speak up before the public does this  for us.

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