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The twelveth rant…respect the hide.

July 10, 2012

I own a cache that seems to  keep migrating to different trees every time I check on it.  It is never seems to be where I originally put it.( I have checked on this 4 times in 2 years)  Don’t cachers realize to put it back where they found it? last time I checked on my cache it was at least 5 trees away from where the original reading was taken, (this means just 5 more trees and the co-rds will be  way off). It is not the prerogative of others to decide where the hide should now be after they have signed the log.  Are they really that preoccupied with signing it that they can’t remember where it originally was? It should not take me 30 minutes to find my own cache to do maintenance on it, (exactly this has happened)

Apparently it’s not just mine either, after reading a local forum post, there was another owner with a legitimate gripe about his hide. He purposely made it easy to find, (he even said so on his cache description)  only to read log after log on his cache page on how “It wasn’t hid well enough, so we tucked it away up higher and 3 trees to the left”  Seriously people? Doesn’t anyone bother to read a description anymore? And “3 trees to the left”???  it’s a forest, which way is left from where you were standing?  On closer inspection the cache had been placed in the thick of a very forested  and remote area.  Were the “helpful” finders really concerned  someone would muggle it? It’s in the middle of nowhere. Who the heck is going to find it accidentally?  Respect the hide people!  Don’t move it. Owners have to do maintenance on these things and would appreciate not having to take an hour to find it.

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