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The eleventh rant… Graveyard caches

July 9, 2012

Now don’t get me wrong here, there is a right way, and a wrong way to hide a cache in a graveyard.  First of all, be respectful of  loved ones who visit graveyards to tend to them.  Fortunately the game is still pretty much unheard of by most people so it’s not like anyone is going to be outraged  if they don’t know  that there is one near their dear departed ones resting area.  Hide your cache whenever possible far away from any gravestones.   I have seen quite a few disrespectful hides,  in a bush right next to a grave marker,  one in the flowerpot left at the grave site.  Have you people no shame?  I loved the one, where the cache hider said they had permission to place it there by the owner.  By who? The dead guy? the whole dead guys family? the owner of the property? give me a break here, it is not possible you got it ok-ed by his whole family.  So why turn this guys final resting place into a game for the public?  Are cache reviewers not using google earth to check out these hides before publishing them?  When a graveyard cache is done correctly it can be a very interesting worthwhile find.

Now I would be remiss if I did not mention something about the finders of the graveyard caches. First off, don’t go as a large group of people.  I am sure someone standing by a grave site mourning does not want to hear a bunch of giggling or loud talking while they are having what should be,  a respected quiet moment of bereavement.  Don’t go at night thinking it would be a really creepy fun find.  Most graveyards have hours please respect them.  Flashlights in the graveyards are a sure way of getting caught by police, and trust me, they won’t care if you were just geocaching or not.   You wouldn’t think these things would have to be mentioned if people just used their common sense, but I have seen way to many logs that indicate otherwise.  This game is in serious jeopardy of getting banned ,  law enforcement  in certain areas have already debated doing this .  Let’s not be the reason the public  wants the sport banned,  be respectful with both hiding and finding.


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