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The tenth rant…the power trail.

July 8, 2012

Ok, so I can see where these have merit, it would give a person something to do on an otherwise uninteresting trail, pad their numbers greatly, and probably introduce people to an area they had never thought of before. But why be a hog about it? After finding 5 in a row by the same owner on a power trail, I’d had enough, it had gotten boring. I would like to see limits put on by groundspeak by how many caches a single owner can put in one area.  A power trail would be much better served by multiple cache owners using different types of hides, and not over saturating the area by doing them all the minimum distance apart. Does groundspeak really think an owner is going to visit 150 separate caches yearly to change all those logbooks and do maintenance?  I would have liked to have seen the look on the face of the guy at the hardware store, when a customer  held up a matchstick container and asked “Do you have 150 of these I can have?  Also I’m going to need about 250 yards of camo duct tape.”  As others have commented, TFTC is the generic power trail log entry. Why? because finding dozens of the same thing on the same trail is so incredibly unremarkable, your experience of getting there would be exactly  the same for every single cache. Really no point to finding the exact same thing over and over again, It wasn’t an interesting hide, it got you to basically the same place you were on the last one, and quite frankly collecting rocks on the trail would have been giving you more enjoyment than finding the same thing over and over again.  Put another couple hundred on the ignore list. I’m not doing these either.

One Comment
  1. Kathleen sharpe permalink

    I have only read about half of your posts so far and I love them!!!! So glad to see I am not alone…

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