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The ninth rant…. Eco friendly?…meh.

July 7, 2012

I know most geocachers (including myself) think of themselves as outdoorsy, eco type people. Are we really? Tramping through the forests, swamps, parks , and fields have made me realize, no, we are not. I have seen plenty of destruction of ecosystems done by cachers.

I can recall one not far from my house in a little out of the way park that bordered on a ravine. When the cache popped up on my radar, we decided it was close enough for an evening run at a cache find and out the door we went. We arrived at the location to find a small path that cut through some young trees along side the ravine.  When the compass counted down to about 7 m we knew we were there, with both of us were standing on the path and it was decided because of the dense vegetation that one of us only would go into find. I cut under a large fern and stood up and looked around… wow, every plant, small tree and speck of mud had been trampled on and killed by what was obviously a lot of people before us.

Now I know eventually all that stuff is going to survive, grow back,  and renew itself. I still couldn’t help but feel a little ashamed of what had happened here.  We as cachers do contribute to the destruction of nature whether we want to believe it or not. We have all seen geo-trails leading to a cache location and followed them.  I guess what I am saying here is, tread lightly, designate one person from your party to go in carefully, respect where you are,  watch every one of your steps you take into a sensitive habitat area.

When I arrived home from our little evening caching run that night I sat down in front of the computer to log the find, and sighed. Whatever am I going to write in the online log?  Well I did not have to report the destruction, It had already been reported by another. It turns out there had been a group of cachers just before us who decided to all go out together to make the find.

Really people? you can cause this much destruction just by finding one cache? They even stood around taking pictures. You really would have thought that if just 2 people caching thought about not going in as a pair because of the damage to flora, at least a much larger group of people would have had at least one person with a conscious.Eco- friendly? I think not.


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