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The eighth rant… Travel Bugs

July 7, 2012

Let me just start by saying I take the responsibility of moving a travel bug seriously. It is supposedly a possession belonging to someone else and I respect that.  So why do so many cachers ignore the goal each travel bug has? When I pick one up (which isn’t all that often) ,  I try very hard to help it accomplish its goal, whether it is taking a picture or moving it closer to its destination, I always at least try to help the owner in some way. Now most bugs want to be moved from place to place, easy, right? Well apparently not for some people. I like to put a “watch” on some of the things I have moved, only to get a long series of alerts that “cacher1234 has taken it to cache location X” about 50 times before actually moving it on and dropping it somewhere else. Why would anyone bother to do this? Drop it people, bug owners do not want to read 3 pages of your caching adventures they want it going from place to place and person to person.

It is not uncommon for these bugs to go missing, It is part of the risk you take when you release one into the world. Other cachers are not to blame if your bug sits in a cache for a long period of time or goes missing,  but it still does not seem to stop bug owners from chastising other players in the game.  It is a small trinket worth about 5 to 10 dollars, it is gone, suck it up, have some patience, (it may turn up again years from now).

I have read a bug page where apparently the bug went missing, so the owner put out a proxy coin so they could artificially track more mileage on the bug. Needless to say the bug page was a little confusing with 2 cachers claiming to both have it in their possession. It would seem the owner of the bug rather than waiting a few months to see if the original turned up, over zealously put out a proxy.  I will not move a proxy bug if i see one, and from what I have read on the subject other cachers feel the same way.  Have patience, even after years these things have been known to turn up. Don’t put out a proxy if your bug is missing, it is part of the game, suck it up, go buy another.

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  1. You just cut the cheese. I think this is a worthy way to describe the moving of the bugs. I feel that bugs have a mission. I moved three bugs as I came across the ocean; one I discovered and two from a friend. I released three bugs around Fort Worth and I hope to see them again or I will just “suck it up, go buy another”

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