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Third rant…Keeping caches alive when the owners are awol.

July 5, 2012

Now I will start by saying that it is my habit to click on the profile of cache owners whose caches I have found, that badly need maintenance. Many times I see a profile of someone who has not logged on to in years, It is my opinion these caches should be archived. Too many times I have seen logs of other cachers who think they are being helpful by inserting a new logbook, or slip of paper or even a whole new container.  This should not be done by anyone. If an owner can not maintain it themselves the cache should be archived and the space freed up for other caches. I am not talking about people who are still using, just the ones who have been awol from the site for many years. There is absolutely no point to some of these caches still being maintained by others. I recently found  a skirt lifter at a shopping mall with a dozen or so store receipts used as logs inside of it.  There is no point to keeping this one alive ( all it got you to was a parking lot) , nothing of significance whatsoever.  Why is it other cachers feel the need to keep these really crappy caches going?  How many times did you plan on finding it?  I don’t know about other cachers, but I know I would rather find one where the cache owner cares to read the logs people leave. If the owner hasn’t been on the website in years and has not responded to others pleas to replace the logbook, please do the right thing and click the needs archiving button.

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