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The first rant, Entitlement issues…

July 5, 2012

let me just start by saying I am a casual cacher, my family and I pick certain days and outings to go geocaching, we are not die hards, we will never spend 3 hrs doing a multi or countless research to find a mystery cache ever. We also will probably never do a challenge cache unless the pre- qualification is something we happened to do by chance. Which brings me to  my first rant;  Entitlement issues…. I have read many a log entry complaining that a placed cache is not quite what the finder wanted it to be, it either was not findable, or in an area of unpleasantness, or soggy, whatever the situation was, he did not get his smiley for the day and is going to take it out on the poor cache owner whose only fault was putting a cache in a public area many months ago.

Get over yourself, the world does not owe you a find for the day.  Why don’t cachers pick and choose carefully the caches they go after? Although I have done my fair share of skirt lifters and public place nanos but, they really are something I try to avoid unless it happens to be early on a Sunday or a holiday. There are several less public ones I avoid also such as, the backyard cache;  these are generally in public places, but are adjacent  to someones yard or private property. The other caches I avoid, the hi-way cache, if retrieving the cache requires pulling over on the shoulder of  a 100 kph  4 lane hi-way this is not going to happen. There are also countless other caches I have not gone for, and the simple reason that once we were at the GZ the cache for whatever reason was not worth doing.  So next time you feel like sounding off on a cache page either because you couldn’t find it or didn’t like the location , remember you had the right to leave, not log it, and move on to the next one.  If you are on one of those caching streak things and couldn’t find a cache always have a back up plan (or 2) in case the cache is extremely undesirable once you get to the GZ.  It is never the cache owners problem that you did not get your smiley for the day.

I know the cachers who feel like they are the authority on geocaching will say “but hey, shouldn’t we give other cachers the heads up that there is something wrong with the cache?” Well, my response would be; other cachers aren’t stupid, they can judge for themselves whether or not a cache is worth doing.  What people with entitlement issues don’t seem to understand is that this is a user based game, that’s right, real people, and with real people come real opinions of various points of view.  Now I’m sure that it is not just me, but when I can’t find a cache right away I expand my radius for a search about 15 meters (sometimes larger) , there is an acceptable level of a 10-20 meter perimeter  margin for error and discrepancy based on weather, satellite availability, tree cover, not to mention the device that was used to take the original reading.  So to all those “accuracy snobs” I say “It’s a searching game… look for it!!”  In all the caches I have refused to do, I have never sounded off on the cache owners log page, after all, I am just one opinion, many others have found these caches, enjoyed them greatly,  why take away from their joy?

So to all those cachers with entitlement issues who whine ” your cache make me walk 3km to find a soggy logbook torn to pieces”  Remember; you chose to go find that cache, you saw it on the map, you knew it was a vitamin bottle, and you knew it was an extremely hot and humid day in the middle of mosquito season. The cache owner did not promise a cool breeze, or solid gold swag,  bug repellant,or rest facilities at the GZ.  It is also not their fault you did not enjoy it.  If I got to a geocache and found out the find will require climbing or navigating a slippery slope, you can guarantee I will not waste my time any further by engaging in an activity that could harm myself or my family, or wasting any further time by logging it or sending the owner a scathing message, I just simply will not do that cache.  There are occasions when I have noticed cachers nit-picking another cache owners terrain or difficulty level, to this I say, ” who cares?”  You found it, quit whining, obviously these things did not impede your ability to find it.  If I find a cache where the GZ is way too dangerous to be approached, I just don’t do that cache.  So cachers next time you find yourself in front of the computer chastising a cache owner, think it over, did that person really set out to ruin your day? does that person now owe you a smiley? was their cache really all that bad? or were you just not it the mood to go caching but did it anyway to get your smiley for the day? The caching community does not owe you your find for the day, you have no entitlements in this game, nor should you expect to find  one right away on approach to the GZ, get over yourself, or hang up the GPS, perhaps user based games are not for you, and you should take to hiding your own caches for you to find.

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