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Second rant…. Event Caches

July 5, 2012

Did you know? I have Actually been made to feel inadequate as a cacher because  I have not gone to  a social or event caches.  The very simple reason I don’t go to these things is I have absolutely no desire to do so.  I do not feel a need to connect with my fellow cachers or exchange stories or swap tags or whatever. Perhaps one day I may make it to one, if time allows, (I’ve been caching for 3 yrs now)  but it certainly is not on my list of priorities.  I resent implications that I am not a team player, or a well rounded cacher because I have not gone to a social event.  When I first started this game I was actually bemused by the fact other cachers feel the need to attend every meeting, flash mob , event cache, or workshop posted . (Don’t you people ever work? or spend time with family?)  I have perused many an event listing on and it always seems to be the same 20 or so people who attend these things in my area and quite frankly If I wanted to meet you people I certainly would have made the effort by now. But of course this doesn’t stop the cachers I have met on the trails or talked to on the internet from making me seem like I am not a “real” cacher unless I go to an event. So my rant today is;  when experienced cachers meet new cachers on the trail ,you may suggest they try a meeting or a brunch cache,  but stop your suggestion there,  you have no right judging other peoples level of dedication to the sport by whether or not they have attended a social event, you have no idea what is going on in their lives and how maybe finding time to go out finding caches is more important to them than listening to someone brag about a 75 caches in one day adventure.  leave it be not everyone feels the need to connect with others and they should not be made to feel inadequate because of this.

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