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fourth rant…Challenge caches

July 5, 2012

I have absolutely no idea why anyone would want to put out a challenge cache that less than 3% of the caching  community is capable of doing.  Don’t you want it to be found?  Did you put it out for your geo-friends only? Do you even know anyone besides yourself who is capable of meeting the requirements. I have seen many a listing where the owner has made the qualifications for his own challenge cache requirement, now he wants others to attain the same goal. Why?  Is this your way of talking about your own accomplishments without interrupting a monthly meeting solely to brag?   Some of these so called challenge caches have been out for almost a year now and have only 3 or 4 finders. so  what was your point again? ah yes, to give your fellow cachers a challenge to aspire to get to. Well so far, the only people who have found them are people who coincidentally already have the prerequisites, so frankly you have accomplished very little (except for the bragging) . you are also taking up space where another more user friendly cache could go that everyone could enjoy.  I hope you and your 6 friends are very happy, at least you’ll never need to replace the logbook. Now before you sound off , I am not talking about the reasonable challenge caches I’m talking about the ones that would require a lot of money to accomplish (multi continents) or that would require someone to cache around the clock to get a 1000 smileys in a month. What these cache owners don’t seem to realize that by leaving out a very large portion of the caching population they are missing out on all the fine people who do this sport casually and whose logs I greatly enjoy reading. Oh well, add another to the  “ignore list”

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